TygerModernElectronics 1.7


Sci-fi and Modern electronics and electrical devices
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Walls, doors, floors, and windows are from TygerModernBasics

  • 4 Monitors/Televisions (colorable screens)
  • 2 Keyboards
  • 1 Tablet (colorable screen)
  • 1 Laptop (colorable screen)
  • 1 Mousepad (colorable)
  • 1 Mouse
  • 2 wall sconce lamps (colorable shades)
  • 4 lamps (colorable shades)

  • 2 Copiers
  • 2 Printers

1.3 update

  • Computer tower
  • Computer base
  • Computer monitor 
  • Keyboard
  • 4 Tube televisions

1.7 update

  • Monitor (colorable)
  • 4 Phones (colorable)
  • 1 Conference phone
  • 4 Upright arcade games (colorable)
  • 1 Table style arcade game (colorable)
  • 2 Pinball machines (colorable)

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  1. Jonk

    Your assets are great as always! I tried to find a way to contact you about a commercial license and would be grateful for a contact email or the like!

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