TygerModernCommercial 1.7


Assets for modern and sci-fi commercial buildings such as stores and shops. 
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Walls, doors, floors, and windows are from TygerModernBasics

  • 3 cash registers (colorable screens)
  • 2 cash drawers (1 empty, 1 with colorable money)
  • 1 Credit card scanner
  • 2 shopping carts on their side
  • 2 Shopping carts upright (colorable handle and seat)

Public Restroom assets

  • 1 Wall mounted sink
  • 1 Urinal
  • 1 Commercial toilet
  • 1 Wall type to create bathroom cubicles
  • 1 Cubical door portal

Store shelves

  • Display case
  • Freezer case
  • Refrigerator case
  • Short single shelf
  • Long single shelf
  • Double sided shelf
  • End cap

Store Products

  • Bags, boxes, cans, and meat packages of various sizes and shapes. All colorable.

1.7 additions

  • Display with trays
  • Tray
  • Lotto display
  • 2 Magazine racks
  • Stocked refrigerator (colorable)
  • 2 countertop revolving displays (colorable)
  • 4 types of boxes alone and in groups (colorable)

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