Prehistoric Asset Pack

Dinosaur & stone age assets


Prehistoric assets for a caveman-themed campaign!

Objects included:

    [*]Animal hide
    [*]Arrowhead (colorable) (3x)
    [*]Stone axe
    [*]Bone flute
    [*]Bone needle
    [*]Boomerang (colorable)
    [*]Clay pot (colorable)
    [*]Clay pot
    [*]Dino nest
    [*]Dino print (simplified) (2x)
    [*]Dino print (detailed) (2x)
    [*]Egg (colorable) (3x)
    [*]Stone hammer
    [*]Hide drum
    [*]Macuahuitl (colorable) (3x)
    [*]Mortar and pestle
    [*]Pan flute
    [*]Rabbit snare
    [*]Empty rack
    [*]Fish rack (colorable)
    [*]Jerky rack (colorable)
    [*]Jerky rack, large (colorable)
    [*]Rectangular basket
    [*]Round basket
    [*]T-Rex skull
    [*]Slingshot (colorable)
    [*]Spear (colorable)
    [*]Stone knife
    [*]Stone wheel
    [*]Torch, unlit
    [*]Torch, lit

Paths included:

    [*]Dino foot path

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  1. PsychoWedge (verified owner)

  2. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    Really cool stuff, I’m looking forward to messing around with these.

  3. Silren (verified owner)

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