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Mazlo’s Realistic Tree Clusters


Realistic topographic tree clusters (modular with zero-edge fill symbols)

Creator:  Mazlo CG2A

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Modular realistic tree/forest clusters that fit with a more realistic map style. Took me awhile to finally get some trees together that fit with the realism level that my mountain assets are styled in.
[*]11 Forest clusters
[*]4 Zero-Edge fill clusters
You can overlap most of the assets and they’ll look just fine. Or you can outline your custom forest shape with the assets, then on a layer above use the zero edge fill forests to fill in the inside.

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You CAN: [LIST] [*]Use these assets for your personal projects (tabletop gaming circle, friends, personal prints) without attribution as long as the project is not being redistributed/shared publicly. [*]Use these "sample packs" in commercial projects as long as you clearly attribute the creator (https://www.patreon.com/cg2a). [*]Share maps you've made with these assets on media platforms (ie: Twitter, YouTube, Reddit) for feedback, critique, comments, etc. [/LIST] You CAN'T: [LIST] [*]Redistribute these assets in part, in combination, reskinned, recolored, or edited in any form as individual assets (they must be part of a project). [*]Use these "sample packs" for commercial projects without attributing the creator (https://www.patreon.com/cg2a). [/LIST] You SHOULD: [LIST] [*]While not required, please consider sharing the source of these assets (www.cartographyassets.com) when presenting/showing maps and projects created with the assets from this pack. Support this wonderful platform that has so graciously provided a place for cartographers and assets to live. [/LIST]

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