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Sick and tired of the old generic namebase? Well here is a more extended and juicy one!


[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”1111″]1111[/ATTACH]

This is a more extended version of the generic namebase that Azgaar’s Generator has to offer. As of 1.2, it includes –

By me: Lithuanian, Central African, Indian, Romanian, Scottish Gaelic, Argentinian, Chechen, Khmer, Pashto and Ancient Greek
Credits to froggo for: Bulgarian, Polish and Georgian
Credits to CroBorn for: Serbo-Croat, Armenian, Albanian, Manx, Maltese, Macedonian, Icelandic, Czech, Slovene, Azerbaijani, Slovak, Hungarian 2, Belarusian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Mongolic, Irish Gaelic, Swedish and Finnish
Credits to Villionic for: Dutch
Credits to NeenCuh for: Manchu
Credits to dh2003 for: Australian Aboriginal, Maori and Ethiopian
Credits to schnautzr for: Russian
Credits to Obruxo1997 for: Thai

If you want to request more to add, or want to become part of the project, then leave a comment and I’ll get to it!


  1. goodhumor79

    Wonderful set!
    I’d like to request Bengali, Punjab, Malay/Indonesian, Filipino, & Nepali/Bhojpuri/Maithili. Gujarati & Tamil/Sri Lanka would also good.

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