Prefab Pack 03 – Merchants & Craftsmen


277 png assets of furnished market stalls, crafting stations, shelves and display shelves,with barrels and crates arrangements.
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With this pack, you’ll be able add to your merchants and your craftsmen all the little details that make the difference!

It contains 277 png assets of various size to bring to life your shops and
markets: market stalls, crafting stations, shelves and display shelves,
barrels, crates… you’ll make beautiful maps in no time!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please consider joining my official Discord (! I always look forward to hearing what everyone has to say, and seeing what amazing things they create with my art~ :3

If you like what you see here, you may also be interested in my Patreon (!
I share all sorts of packs there, as well as hold a vote through
Patreon for my subscribers that allows them to choose the themes for
each pack I create. Oh and of course updates on everything related to my
art and White Fox Works as a whole can also be found there, or in the

Hope you enjoy the pack! ^-^


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In purchasing this pack, you are also purchasing the right to use the assets within for free and paid content. You do not have the right to redistribute the assets individually, or resell the assets in groups or as individual pieces. The selling of maps made with assets purchased alongside this package is something White Fox Works agrees to allowing, so long as it does not grant others access to the individual assets.

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