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Elvanos’ Volcano Pack


A volcano pack with 2 textured, modular assets: In 6 color tints, sample color version and outlines.

Creator:  elvanos

Downloads: 886



A volcano pack with hand-drawn outlines and textured backgrounds; mostly made for Wonderdraft (comes packed via the Wonderdraft system), but usable anywhere else (all files come as PNGs).

Contains 2 symbols

[*]All in multiple variations (mountains and volcanos) with a modular system.
Comes in 6 color tints:

[*]Default Bleak
[*]Arctic Bleak
On top of it, also contains a black/white version for custom Wonderdraft coloring – fully functional!

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”568″]568[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”569″]569[/ATTACH]

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  1. Lulullia (verified owner)

  2. pierrealex1907 (verified owner)

    Thank you ! A vast variety of volcanoes is always good.

  3. BathorysGraveland (verified owner)

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