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Ornate and Parchment Boxes


Ornate boxes to go with my ornate frames. Added a torn edged parchment as well.

Creator:  JChunick

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This set of ornate boxes go along with the ornate frames I made. I have also added a torn edged parchment that scales nicely, as well. These are very high resolution.

There are six variations:
[*]Ornate box with parchment background
[*]Ornate grunge box with parchment background
[*]Ornate box, no background
[*]Ornate grunge box
[*]Parchment background
[*]Parchment background with torn edges and dropshadow
The ornate boxes with no background can be placed on the parchment backgrounds. The order in which you do this is important so the ornate boxes can sit on top of the parchment.

To install, simply unzip and drop the jchunick folder into the assets folder. If you have any other assets from me then it will simply add the new folders and files into the jchunick folder.

If you are not sure where to install assets for Wonderdraft it then see here: [URL]https://www.cartographyassets.com/threads/installing-assets-for-wonderdraft.21/

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Josh Chunick

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