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This is a small Dungeondraft pack containing just four assets! A cog shaped bunker door open and closed, as a ‘portal’ which will snap into a wall and as an Object which can be superimposed over a wall (if you use the above walls level). The assets are slightly different for the two versions. They were created from scratch in Photoshop. The images feature tokens, walls and floor images by de-Zigner.
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On a world in the Dark Future, corporate company ‘Bunker-Tec’ built underground bunkers to protect the rich from a nuclear war. They planned to return to the surface and recolonize after the planet had recovered.

Each bunker was sealed off from the outside world with a large metal cog-shaped door.

This asset is for use in Dungeondraft to make maps for games such as Fallout d20 and Warhammer 40,000 Wrath and Glory.

The file is in a .zip, extract it to your Dungeondraft assets folder.

Please visit de-Zigners page and look at his great asset packs and tokens – that also fit Fallout d20!


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Built in PS

Images feature tokens, walls and floor tiles by de-Zigner

The sand floor tile is by Forgotten Adventures

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