Eden’s Minimap Assets


Mini assets for creating city maps.
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Please Note: The assets included in this pack are miniature pieces intended for creating city-scale maps in Dungeondraft. They are a lot smaller than typical assets used for battlemaps, but they should still be clearly recognizable if the map is scaled up to standard battlemap size.

The roofing pieces used to create the buildings in the example image are not included in this pack. They can be downloaded for free as part of my essentials pack here.


This pack contains a total of 93 items. Included are:

– 5 bushes*

– 2 ferns*

– 3 plants*

– 4 flower patches*

– 7 trees*

– 4 market stalls*

– 8 boats*

– 3 train pieces*

– 1 streetlight

– 1 park bench*

– 3 road signs*

– 1 manhole cover

– 1 mini traffic light*

– 1 large traffic light*

– 4 modern cars*

– 1 police car

– 1 ambulance

– 1 firetruck

– 26 modular road pieces

– 4 modular sidewalk pieces

– 12 custom paths

Items denoted with a * are recolorable.


All items in the pack have been tested in Dungeondraft to make sure they work properly. If any issues do come up, please let me know and I’ll try to get them fixed as quickly as possible.


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All assets included are free for commercial use. Reselling of individual items in the pack or modifications of them is not allowed. Modified assets may be redistributed non-commercially provided credit and a link back to this shop are given.

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