Birdies Special Dungeondraft Expansion


Here is another huge pack from me. This time with 450+ new Assets, ranging from small Objects to large Tents.
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All in all this pack comes with all assets i have created within the last 6 months. Here is a rough breakdown:

Materials 1

Objects: 50 Decorations + 9 Candy + 26 Furniture + 9 Hive + 39 Plants + 34 Rocks + 13 Special + 32 Statues + 93 Structures +78 Things

Paths: 47

Portals: 10

Terrains: 20

Walls: 2

Many of the objects come with precolored variants and a colorable version. I tried my best for the all the patterns and i can guarantee it was a lot of work drawing all the circles :D.
As always, this content is free for non commercial use. Have fun with it.

Commercial Use here:

The download gives you access to the google drive folder, where you can download the pack. This pack exceeds the maximum upload size of cartographyassets of 100 mb. If you encounter any problem feel free to reach out to me via Discord: BirdieMaps


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