Fantasy Mountain and Terrain Pack for Wonderdraft


This asset pack contains hand drawn landform elements that will enhance your unique digitally drawn and Wonderdraft created fantasy maps. 
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Hi there Map Makers! Here are nature assets to enhance your maps! The symbols have been pencilled, digitally hand drawn and scaled. This pack contains a collection of landform assets that will take your map to the next level. The Zip folder contains individual asset folders with .png files created for Wonderdraft. These png. files can be used in programs like Gimp, Photoshop and Incarnate.

• Sample color – you can paint these assets in Wonderdraft

• Normal color – these assets have preset colors 

• Custom color – you paint colors you mix, on these

License Type: CAL-NA-NCR-NS


Cave (Sample color & normal color)

Chasm (Sample color & normal color)

Cliffs (Sample color & normal color)

Cracks (Sample color & normal color)

Cracks – Snow (Sample color & normal color)

Crystal mines (Sample color, custom color & normal color)

Desert points (Sample color & normal color)

Dunes (Sample color & normal color)

Glacier (Sample color & normal color)

Icebergs (Sample color & normal color)

Low hills (Sample color & normal color)

Marsh (Sample color & normal color)

Mesa (Sample color & normal color)

Mountains (Sample color & normal color)

Mountains – Snow (normal color)

Mountain Range – (Sample color & normal color)

Mountain Range – (Normal color)

Mountain Range Snow Topped – (Normal color)

Pinnacles (Sample color & normal)

Volcanoes (Sample color & normal)

Waterfall (Sample color & normal)


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License Type CAL-NA-NCR-NS
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How to Install

Unzip the Warredand folder in an empty folder on your computer. Copy the unzipped folder

Open Wonderdraft

Click "Open User Folder"

Open the "assets" folder

Paste the warredand_landform_assets pack into there.