Death Mist


This pack includes 7 version: 1 almost free variant, 5 color variations and a full bundle.This pack contains tokens 31 ghostly tokens/objects, 2 materials and paths for dungeondraft (with png textures).
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Welcome dear travelers and explorers!

“Suddenly you felt a shiver run down your spine. The fog began to thicken around you and soon ghostly hands reach out to drag you into their deathly embrace”

What is inside?

  • 31 ghostly token/object;
  • 2 materials for dungeondraft (seamless png textures included, but it will work the best with dd);
  • 5 paths for dungeondrafts (seamless png textures included, but it will work the best with dd);

What is the deal with variants:

This pack includes 7 options:

  • “Azure Ghostly Legion” – Free Teal-colored variant – link here
  • “Indigo Spirit Rumble” – Blue-colored variant;
  • “Arcane Plum Host” – Purple-colored variant;
  • “Crimson Blood Swarm” – Red-colored variant;
  • “Amber History Guards” – Yellow-colored variant;
  • “Verdant Spectre Mass” – Green-colored variant;
  • “Rainbow Horde” – all options above together;

    With each option including:

  • .dungedraft_pack file to use in Dungeondraft
  • .zip folder containing PNGs

More of me:

For my maps, future asset and announcement or if you want to support me you can visit my Patreon

Commercial License:

Right now I don’t have options for commercial use, but you can contact me.

If  you have any questions, inquiries, complaints, or just want to say hi, feel free to join my discord server We’re always active there.
Or you can find me on the Cartography Assets Discord!
Or send me a “Private Message” via the CA messaging system. 


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If you are interestend in commercial use of this pack - please contact me:

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