Desert Empire Map Border/Accessory Pack


Enjoy these desert themed borders and other addons, such as numberings, tables to make labels for your main locations and other fun map elements you can slap onto your finished maps!They are easy to use, you can add them as PNGs in any image editing software, or use them in Dungeondraft as well!
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Enhance your fantasy maps with our Desert-themed Map Borders and Accessories pack. Designed for easy integration with Dungeondraft and other map-making software, this collection includes practical elements like borders, numbering features, and labeling tables. Whether you’re a seasoned map-maker or just starting, these assets add a touch of nature to your creations without unnecessary complications. Upgrade your maps with functional details and simplifying the process of bringing your fantasy world to life.

Here is a map, using only some accessory pieces and a border:

The map features my assets and paths and was made mostly in dungeondraft, then edited with final touches in photoshop.
For more of my packs (many of which are free) you can visit my shop here.

The pack is created to be used in DungeonDraft and includes a simple to install Dungeondraft _pack file, BUT it also has the PNG files with transparent backgrounds, so you can use them in any image editing softwares as well!

Enjoy, and as always,
Happy Building!


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How to Install

Install guide at the beginning. Overarching DungeonDraft tutorial after!


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