Scalable Walls


Scale walls by length and width.
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This mod lets you scale wall textures in the X (length) and Y (width) dimensions.


Any walls which are scaled by this mod will have their textures changed to wood
if you open the map with the mod disabled. To fix this, enable the mod and use
the “Reset Scale” button on each wall before disabling it again. This will
restore the original textures.


  1. PeaPu

    Holy shmoly, been waiting for this to get implemented officially for the longest time! Works like a charm in my little tests. Somebody give this wonderful person a medal!

  2. vitoid

    Oh my god, this is a GODSEND. Thank you oh so very much!!!!

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How to Install

  1. Extract the .zip file and place the layered_trace_image folder into your Dungeondraft mods folder (or create a mods folder anywhere if you haven't yet).
  2. Open Dungeondraft without a map.
  3. Click on the Mods tab at the top (select your mods folder if you just created it).
  4. Check the box for Layered Trace Image.