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An expansion to the first Hellas themed Asset Pack. If you don’t have that one yet, you can find it HERE! In this one you can find 90 assets and 7 paths, so with the two of them combined you will have a sizeable collection of assets in the Hellas style. The assets work with all my other packs of course, so combine them and mix them around, see what you can come up with!
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In this pack you will find a bunch more assets inspired by ancient Greek and Roman style architecture. You will find paved paths, aquaducts, a bunch of greenery and new houses, a brand new theatre building, a barracks building, new statues, columns, market assets and much much more!
Look around, try them out, and let me know which ones are your favorites!

This style is perfect for your Theros campaigns, or any coastal, marital town/city you are working on! The tiles also help to quicken your work, especially with bigger maps. Check my shop page for those!

And as always,
Happy Building!

You will find both the DungeonDraft _pack file and all the PNGs in side the provided ZIP folder! Unzip with any file packaging app (7zip, winrar, winzip etc.) and enjoy!


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