Skront’s Expanded Terrain


Expanded terrain shades and matching paths.
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If your fey forests and extraplanar biomes are blending in with the forest outside of your starting town, this pack might help! It includes 49 new terrains in a variety of colors – some more outlandish than others – and over 100 new paths in matching shades. There are two sizes of cliffs for each stone color and a grass, dirt, and sand border for each of the terrains (including terrain colors from my previous packs.) I have also included a few new bush materials and an assortment of large rocks, from a 5 foot boulder to a 20 foot wide wind-carved rock. I hope these assets can help make the more wild locations that your parties end up exploring look more unique.

Due to Cartography Asset’s file size limit, the pack is split into two parts. One contains the stone, sand, and dirt assets, and the other contains the grasses and bush materials. Members of my Patreon can download the pack in one part.  


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Please don't resell these assets! If you use them and would like to attribute them that's nice, but not required.

Commercial versions of some of my packs, this included, are shown on my shop page.

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