Skront’s Fine Dining

Kitchen and dining objects similar to native Dungeondraft assets.
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Are your dingy taverns looking a bit too similar to your grand halls? Do you need a map for the cute café your players won’t stop going to? If you think your kitchens and dining rooms might benefit from a bit more personality and flair, this pack might work for you. It contains a total of 123 objects, many of them colorable. In addition to two full matching sets of dishes and tablecloths (one plain and one stylized with a spiral pattern), there are colorable candles and candelabra, colorable alcohol bottles and an assembled wine rack, glasses, and an array of utensils. The dishes include everything from platters to a teapot, and are accompanied by matching placemats and napkins. The kitchen side has a brick oven, two coal/wood burning stoves, pots and pans, a pot rack, and some coal. If you’re roughing it outdoors, there’s a brick fire pit with a hanging pot on a spit. Hopefully this variety can help flesh out your maps!

The dishes, pots, and pans have colorable liquid and general “chowder” fills, and I am planning on doing some larger food packs in the future. The tablecloths included here are shown stacked with the tables from Skront’s Wooden Stuff.   


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Update to 1.1: Removed repeat objects


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