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This is a map I’ve made for my dnd 5e campaign. It is supposed to represent a dwarven hold (Mithral Hall).
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This is a map of a dwarven hold underneath the mountain.

City in there is supposed to have 6 districts and 3 floors.

Citiziens travel using an elevator in the middle. From the outsiders perspective city is simply entered through the gate on the upmost floor.

Floors are shown in the reversed order. The top-left is the deepest, bottom-left is middle floor and the top-right is top floor.

Top floor has administrative/military purpose, it’s also where outsiders enter the city.

Middle floor is used mostly for trading and services.

Bottom Floor is industrial.

At the same height level as the middle floor, there are also 3 districts where people just live and the most mundane stuff is happening. (there are no maps for it, it is just labeled for the general purpose)

Label’s on / off map


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