Fantasy Map Alien Futuristic Buildings And Craft


Alien Futuristic Buildings and Craft for creating your fantasy map of the future
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Warredand Assets

This pack contains alien or futuristic building assets in order for you to create a space age fantasy map with a touch of fantasy. The
trees used are from the Magical Trees assets pack.

The Zip folder contains individual asset folders with .png files created for Wonderdraft.

These png files can also be used in programs like Gimp, Photoshop, Incarnate, Affinity Photo and other drawing applications. You will then use the “sample_color”
images as they are greyscale versions.

Normal color – these assets have pre-set colors as painted by the artist. Some have two different styles

Sample color – adapts the color to the color you are painting the land with

Custom colors – uses the RGB channels to colorize your symbol inside Wonderdraft using currently defined Custom Colors.
You set the colors for this, by selecting the symbol tool (Castle Icon) first and then choose your colors.

License Type: CAL-NA-NCR-NS


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License Type CAL-NA-NCR-NS
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Install information inside downloaded assets Zip folder