28 Top-Down Tree Assets For Dungeondraft

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Get 28 unique top-down tree assets for Dungeondraft in a pre-colored and a custom color version as well as hi-res PNG files (300dpi) of each tree. The Pack contains various tree types like maple, fir and oak for all the different scenarios.
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Elevate Your Mapmaking Experience with Our Premium Tree Assets!

Dive into a collection of 28 exquisitely designed custom trees, tailor-made for Dungeondraft aficionados. Every tree has been meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly into your maps, ensuring they stand out with unparalleled beauty.

🌳 Diverse Array of Trees: From the russet hues of maple, the towering elegance of fir, to the age-old grandeur of oak, our collection boasts an assortment of tree types to elevate every map’s aesthetics.

🎨 Versatility at its Best: Whether you prefer them in vibrant, pre-colored versions or wish to add your own touch with Dungeondraft’s built-in custom color system, we’ve got you covered. Your creativity knows no bounds!

🖥️ Ready for Every Platform: Beyond Dungeondraft, each tree also comes in a crisp PNG format, making them perfect for virtual table tops (VTTs) like Foundry VTT or other mapmaking tools you might favor.

💡 AI-Assisted Design: Leveraging advanced AI support, these assets promise not just aesthetics, but also exceptional quality and detail that will make your maps come alive.

Dive in and transform your mapmaking journey with our unparalleled tree assets!

To get startet, just copy the dungeondraft.pack file into your Dungeondraft userfolder and enable the pack in the assets tab.


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