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You can use this custom Text Generator tool to generate random texts such as map-making prompts, locations, names and more.
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Text Generator

You can use this tool to generate random texts such as map-making prompts, locations, names and more.

This tool adds a Text Generator to the Design panel in Dungeondraft. With this tool you can, yes indeed, generate text! Text is generated based on presets where a sentence such as “Make a map of a %location% during a %event%” where the variables (location and event) get replaced by a random value the corresponding variable list. This way you can make your own presets such as street name generators, map-making prompt generators, character generators and more! And share them of course!

Creating JSON Files for the Text Generator

The Text Generator allows you to generate random text based on preset files in JSON format. This page will guide you through the process of creating your own preset files.

JSON Format

The JSON format for preset files should follow the following structure:

    "info": {
        "name": "Preset Name",
        "author": "Author Name",
        "description": "Description of the preset",
        "version": "1.0"
    "formats": [
        "A format %variable1% inside of %variable2%",
        "Look, a %variable3%!",
        "Did you know that %variable1% has a lot of %variable2%?"
    "variables": {
        "variable1": [
            "Value 1",
            "Value 2",
            "Value 3"
        "variable2": [
            "Value 1",
            "Value 2",
            "Value 3"
        "variable3": [
            "Value 1",
            "Value 2",
            "Value 3"

The JSON file should contain three main sections: info, formats, and variables.


The info section should contain information about the preset, including the name, author, description, and version.


The formats section should contain an array of format templates. These templates should include placeholders for variables, which will be replaced with random values when the text is generated.


The variables section should contain an object with keys representing the variable names and values representing an array of possible values for each variable.

Creating Preset Files

To create a preset file, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new file in a text editor.
  2. Copy the JSON format above and paste it into the new file.
  3. Replace the values in the info section with the appropriate information for your preset.
  4. Add format templates to the formats section, using placeholders for variables.
  5. Add variables to the variables section, with each variable name as a key and an array of possible values as the value.
  6. Save the file with a .json extension in the presets subfolder in the Text Generator mod folder.

Using Preset Files

To use a preset file in the Text Generator, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Text Generator in Dungeondraft.
  2. Select the preset from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the “Generate Text” button to generate random text based on the selected preset.


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