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‘Cliff Camp Ambush’ Encounter Battlemap


A 35×35 battlemap of a camp at the base of an overgrown cliff.

Creator:  Irateredkite

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A 35×35 battlemap of a camp at the base of an overgrown cliff in Dungeondraft’s default style and assets. Perfect for random encounters, ambushes or a small campaign setpiece!

Includes day, night, gridded and ungridded versions of the map in .jpg format, as well as a universal VTT export for lighting and line of sight.

License information


This license allows the user to use content from the asset pack for commercial use in their user content. It is also allowed to make and share modifications. Reselling of base items and modifications is not allowed under this license. The user is required to mention the creator in a reasonable manner and in accordance with their specifications.

Extra information

  • This map uses the Dungeondraft default asset set.

  • The map image size is 2450x2450px.
  • The grid squares are 70x70px. The map is comprised of 35x35 grid squares.


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