Skront’s Rocks and Bricks

Rocks, bricks, and stones in the Dungeondraft style.
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Need a brick embankment to shore up some ruins, or an overgrown cobblestone path to lead around your abandoned manor? This pack contains a large variety of hand-made assets, including 26 paths, a brick wall, 4 cobblestone terrain types, and 42 colorable objects. The paths consist of shaded line-work overlays, gray and red brick embankments, paths, and steps, three shades of cave walls, three shades of stone embankments, two cobblestone paths, and an overlay version of both the bricks and stone embankment. The terrain types are a smooth and overgrown version of the same pattern, one on a brown and one on a green background. The objects match aspects of the various paths, as well as including some rubble, smooth stones, and flagstones. I hope they can help your ruins, forts, and sea-side cliffs feel a bit more fleshed out!


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Please don't resell these assets! If you use them and would like to attribute them that's nice, but not required.

Commercial versions of some of my packs, this included, are shown on my shop page.

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