What I am working on!

Hi amazing Patrons! I have some exciting new features that will be added!

Yesterday I released a new feature for creators: membership tiers that allow for larger upload sized. These tiers are a bit bare-bones at the moment but I have a lot planned and am working on implementing these!


Currently the tiers are as follows:

  • Free tier: 64 MB upload size
  • Ink Slinger (€4,99): 100 MB upload size
  • Compass Connoisseur (€9,99): 200 MB upload size
  • Chart Champion (€19,99): 500 MB upload size
  • Master of Cartography (€49,99): 1 GB upload size

Now I know, the higher tiers (currently) are not really worth their value. This is because they only include the larger upload sizes at the moment. What will be added are:

  • Larger total storage space 
  • Ability to make asset series/brands 
  • Quality of life features such as: templates, ability to make bundles and more 
  • Spot on a special showcase section on the homepage 
  • Theme of the Month heads-up 
  • Ability to put content behind a paywall / have your own CA-patrons
  • Tiered prices (give your patrons a discount for example)
  • Webhooks (maybe)

That’s it for now! I did not really know how to word this all perfectly but I hope I get the message across! 😀 

Excited to hear what you guys think! Of course I will make sure Patrons will still get unique perks (possibly discounts for the tiers). Should anyone have suggestions, feel free to let me know about it! 

Thanks again for your wonderful support!

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