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Heyyy! This is an article about upcoming(or just released, depends on what i decide about timing…) batch of assets, that were converted to Dungeondraft.
In this article i’ll go over them and gonna try to help you understand what they are about. If you’re a Wonderdraft user, you are probably already familiar with some of them, like packs of “Topographic Landscapes” series. Yep, they are coming to DD! With the help of Epsilon all of currently released packs(except rivers and lakes) were converted, + additional textures to get that more realistic feel. Nothing special, just to cover basic things.

List of converted assets:

                                      1.  1. TL – Basic
                                         2. +new textures in “TL – Basic”
                                      2. TL – Canyons and Mesas
                                      3. TL – Cliffs
                                      4. TL – Roooocks
                                      5. TL – Unusual formations
                                      6. TL – Volcanoes
                                      7. TL – Islands
                                      8. TL – Low mountains
                                      9. TL – Mountains and hills
                                      10. TL – Grand Mountains
                                      11. TL – Hilly terrain
                                      12. TL – Huge mountains
                                      13. TL – Dunes
                                      14. 1. Grunge pack
                                        2. Ink Spots pack

So, whole 13 packs of topographic terrain + flavour things to spice up terrain, textures, shadowing, or whatever else you’d like :3

But what would you want to purchase first?

That is a good question. If it was Wonderdraft, i would’ve jumped to recommending “Basic”, because it provides theme and range of basic things to cover bases, but we’re talking about Dungeondraft today.
My top pick would be “Canyons and Mesas”, since it consists of awesome parts that look a lot like cliffs, so they are very useful for wide range of maps, like caves, uneven terrain, desert canyons(unexpected, amirite?), rivers, underwater terrain and so on.
For example this lighthouse map heavily relies on it:

While other packs are used too, “Canyons and Mesas” pack probably is 80-90% of topographic parts here. You can also see how it could be useful for caves in underwater parts.
Next map is almost 100% only that pack:

Followed by “Grand Mountains” and “Mountains and Hills”, since they provide a nice range of big and high quality mountains. Couple maps by Epsilon probably could showcase them best:

(This uses Epsilon’s topographic trees pack as well)

(This map uses Epsilon’s Ice Pack)

Third would be “Hilly Terrain”, it might be an old pack(and also cheap), terrain is not on par with latest things, but this pack consists of fairly flat terrain, which would be useful to add a bit of volume to general landscapes, like in this small forest path map(it also uses a lot of grunge).

Next pick would probably be “Rooocks” pack, since it provides lots of rocky terrain, which can be often useful. I don’t have maps with extensive use of them, so i will resort to using my favorite tactic, random placement, go!

That pack alone was enough to fill 20×20 grid(so, 5120x5120px) canvas at size 1. It has quite substantial amount of terrain in it. I also filled it with some standard textures, so you could see how they work with topographic terrain, in case you don’t have anything else, or don’t plan to buy “Basic” pack to get textures.

And finally, after rocks, i would recommend “Basic”. It has textures, some very basic trees and wide variety of terrain to cover most of things you might need to make, in terms of map.

Rest are situational, and you might not need them at all, unless you want to use DD to build large scale topographic world maps 😀

To see what terrain is included in topographic packs, you could look at what was already made for Wonderdraft, since it’s conversion of them, or scroll down.
(P.S. Not all images showcase full packs. Most of newer packs just too big to be included in 20×20 at scale 1)

But before that, let’s look at cave map by Epsilon with the use of topographic assets:

His textures look awesome with topographic terrain. Epsilon’s packs used in that one: Architect’s pack 1, 2, 4; Rock terrain pack 2; Water on the rocks pack; Bloody bones pack.

Roooocks – Might be quite useful.

Dunes(not *very* useful, but can be in some cases)

Cliffs(Better get Mesas first)

Basic!(Comes with some textures)

Volcanoes – mostly whole volcanoes and their tops, but sprinkled with mountain parts(of those volcanoes)

Unusual formations – old pack, probably useful for some scarred terrain, or caves.

Mountains and hills – awesome pack, consists of high quality(and big size) mountains and uneven terrain.

Canyons and Mesas – probably most useful one in DD.

Low mountains – likely is not very useful for battlemaps. Buy if you intend to build regions, or worlds in DD, might come in handy.

Islands – honestly my worst pack, very situational, and unlikely to be useful in DD(but what can you do, it was first to be experimented with new process on)

Huge mountains – same as low mountains.

Hilly terrain – must have for adding volume/details to flat terrain.

Grand mountains – huge mountains and some rocky/uneven terrain pieces.

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  1. Congrats on this conversion launch! Great overview of the pack assets. I hope everyone finds them as useful and enjoyable to work with as I have.

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