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Maps have always been essential tools for navigation, exploration, and storytelling. Over the centuries, they have evolved from simple navigational aids to works of art that captivate our imagination. In both fantasy and ancient maps, various decorative elements have played a significant role in conveying information and adding aesthetic appeal. In this article, we delve into the historical significance of ribbons, compass roses, heraldic shields, medieval and fantasy emblems, banners, royal seals, crown symbols, and unfurled parchment scrolls—elements featured in the comprehensive Decorative Map Elements Complete Bundle for fantasy maps. This collection pays homage to the style of antique maps while providing an array of visually striking assets. Let’s explore the utility, design, and evolution of each element.

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Throughout history, ribbons have been employed as more than mere embellishments. In the ancient world, they symbolized important regions, illustrious kingdoms, or crucial trade routes. Their intricate designs and varying widths provided cartographers with a versatile tool to showcase vital information while captivating the eye with their alluring charm. In the realm of fantasy maps, these scroll ribbons transcend mere decorative elements; they become essential signposts, guiding adventurers to hidden realms, demarcating realms of power, or tracing the path of ancient legends. In the Decorative Map Elements Complete Bundle, the ribbons come in various designs and widths, allowing cartographers to create visually appealing and informative maps.

Compass Roses

Compass roses are vital for orientation on maps. They provide a reference point for direction and serve as decorative motifs. In ancient maps, compass roses evolved from simple directional indicators to intricate designs incorporating elaborate patterns and symbols. The fantasy map pack includes a range of compass roses, each with its unique design, allowing map creators to add a touch of elegance and functionality to their creations.

Heraldic Shields

Heraldic shields have a rich history in both ancient and fantasy realms. They represent noble houses, kingdoms, or factions, reflecting their identity and lineage. In ancient maps, heraldic shields were often employed to mark territories or indicate the ruling power. In the fantasy map pack, an assortment of heraldic shields offers a diverse range of designs, enabling cartographers to infuse their maps with a sense of history, power, and identity.

Medieval & Fantasy Emblems

Emblems hold immense significance in fantasy worlds, representing magical schools, guilds, mythical creatures, or mystical artifacts. In ancient maps, similar emblems were employed to depict important kingdoms, landmarks, historical events, or religious symbols. The Decorative Map Elements Complete Bundle includes an extensive collection of medieval and fantasy emblems, allowing map creators to imbue their maps with rich storytelling and thematic elements.

Banners and Royal Seals

Banners and royal seals have been employed throughout history to signify authority, ownership, or allegiance. In fantasy maps, they serve a similar purpose, representing the dominion of kings, queens, or influential factions. The pack offers a wide range of banners and royal seals, each meticulously crafted to enhance the visual narrative and evoke a sense of grandeur and power within the map.

Crown Symbols

Crown symbols have long been associated with royalty, nobility, and rulership. In ancient maps, crowns were often used to designate the capital city or the seat of power. In fantasy realms, crown symbols are employed to mark the locations of important castles, strongholds, or realms ruled by powerful monarchs. The collection includes a variety of crown symbols, enabling cartographers to visually communicate the hierarchical structure of their fictional worlds.

Unfurled Parchment Scrolls

Unfurled parchment scrolls add an authentic touch to maps, reminiscent of ancient cartographic techniques. These scrolls provide space for text, legends, or additional information about the depicted lands, enhancing the map’s educational and storytelling potential. The fantasy map pack includes beautifully designed unfurled parchment scrolls, allowing map creators to seamlessly integrate textual elements and provide a sense of historical authenticity to their maps.

Evolution of Decorative Map Elements

Throughout history, the design and use of decorative elements in maps have evolved significantly. Ancient maps were often intricate and hand-drawn, with limited color palettes and simplistic embellishments. Ribbons, compass roses, and heraldic shields served practical purposes and were less ornate compared to their fantasy counterparts.

With the rise of fantasy literature and role-playing games, maps became not just navigational tools but gateways to immersive worlds. Decorative elements took on new dimensions, becoming intricate works of art. Medieval and fantasy emblems became more elaborate, incorporating magical symbols and fantastical creatures, reflecting the diverse realms and cultures within these fictional landscapes.

The Decorative Map Elements Complete Bundle captures the essence of this evolution, offering a wide range of designs that pay homage to ancient cartography while embracing the imaginative possibilities of fantasy realms. The pack’s meticulous attention to detail and artistry ensures that map creators can bring their visions to life, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment in those who explore their maps.


Decorative elements such as ribbons, compass roses, heraldic shields, medieval and fantasy emblems, banners, royal seals, crown symbols, and unfurled parchment scrolls have played crucial roles in both fantasy and ancient maps. They not only add visual appeal but also convey important information about territories, landmarks, and the cultural fabric of the depicted worlds.

The Decorative Map Elements Complete Bundle offers a comprehensive collection of these elements, allowing map creators to craft visually stunning and immersive maps. With its diverse range of designs and attention to historical and fantastical details, this pack serves as an invaluable tool for those seeking to create captivating fantasy maps that evoke the spirit of ancient cartography.

Whether you’re a cartographer, a fantasy enthusiast, or a world-builder, the Decorative Map Elements Complete Bundle opens a realm of possibilities, enabling you to embark on an artistic journey that merges history and imagination.

Happy mapping!

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