Samurai Estate Day and Night

The home of a samurai, his place of respite and office. Here the honorable warrior conducts his business, steels his being and manages the plot of land his daimyo granted him lordship over.So he may bring honor to the families name, the master and the kami.
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This pack contains both maps and the dungeondraft file for modifications.


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Use it, play it or modify it but do not distribute it commercially or otherwise without credit

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This map is only for personal use and modification. 

Have fun with it, modify it as you see fit but do not use it commercially.

Greetings Ashvar

Credits and many thanks to all following Asset Creators because honestly i didnt made an exact list of which asset i used from whom so i credit all:

Forgotten Adventures (Vegetation, Terrain Materials and Landmarks like Rocks)

GogotsMaps (Vegetation)

2min Tabletop (Shrine Essentials and Japanese Furniture, most important one)


Apprentice of Aule


Crosshead Studios



Assets i cant find the author to, but thanks.

Thatched Rooves Lite

Cover Your Trail – Creature Tracks and Footprints Collection

And Credit to Megasploot for creating the tools i use for mapmaking.

Map Size

5760x5760 pixel resolution
45x45 Tiles

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Mythkeeper Compatible

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