Lighting Objects for Dungeondraft

This is my first assetpack for Dungeondraft. I wanted to focus on more lighting options especially ones with finer line drawings, so they don’t look too strange if you enlarge them.
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a little further information on the objects:

The crystal and the candle are color-able so that you can choose your own mood for your lighting.

In the picture, the glass bottle is once put under the candle and once put over the crystals so that you can create the illusion of a crystal put in a glass or a candle resting on top of one.

If you like these objects or are looking for other objects, feel free to leave a comment or a review.

Have fun creating,



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If you want to use these objects outside of your personal use, feel free to contact me via E-Mail (

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The map was created with Dungeondraft. The materials for the ground and the room are part of this software. Every object placed except these is included in the assetpack.

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