Debris Pack

Only God knows why you would need this…


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Debris Pack

Only God knows why you would need this…

A pack of debris like wood pieces, stones, broken glass and broken furniture.
Not only that, you can also show the destruction of that one particular bar after they refused to give you one more beer…
… if only they knew what would happen. Anyway, fire is also included, not sure why you would need that…

Normal and broken benches, tables and chairs, both wooden and stone.
Pieces and bits of wood, stone, glass and paper debris, fallen objects like candle holders, picture frames, wine, cups and jugs and more!

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You can use this asset for personal, non-commercial use. You can also use it for mapping competitions (provided you give credit) and printing via a commercial third party for personal use. Still in need of a commercial license? Click here for more information.


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  1. Xergz (verified owner)

  2. Crave (verified owner)


  3. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    Great assets that really help with filling out a scene 🙂

  4. OrangeBoogaloo (verified owner)

  5. PsychoWedge (verified owner)

  6. Sleepy_Chipmunk

    Out of all the assets I’ve downloaded, I probably use these the most.

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