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TygerModernStreet 1.5


Modern street objects, patterns, and paths

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Creator:  Tyger_purr

Downloads: 1980



  • 7 – Types of pavement stripes provided as paths

1.5 additions

  • 5 – Pavement markings

  • 8 – Construction barrier objects

  • Manhole cover, meter cover, and valve cover (turn off shadows for best results)
  • Fire hydrant (colorable)
  • Street sign (colorable)
  • Wheel stop (colorable)
  • Street lamp
  • 2 – Traffic signals

  • 1 – Storm drain curb inlet object (turn off shadows and place on layer 700 Above Wall)

  • Sidewalk pavement and street pavement provided as “floor” pattern and as terrain

  • Curb and Curb with sidewalk provided as “wall”
  • Sidewalk provided as “wall” and path.

  • Building tool or Material
    • Pavement with curb is provided as “material” however, this produces an irregular area that may not be desirable.
    • For straight curbs use the Building tool with curbs as “walls”
    • The curb with sidewalk option sometimes causes distortion, especially near corners, because the “wall” is so wide.

  • When you create paved areas using walls, you will need to turn off the shadows for best results.
    • Use the select tool to select the “room” and turn off the shadow option at the bottom.

  • Driveway objects provided to build connections between paved areas. 
    • Turn off shadows for best results

  • Set layer to “700 Above wall”.
  • Place edges to connect areas
  • Hold down “A” to flip object

  • Fill in with the middle object

Tips for realistic paving and striping.

  • Lanes should be 2 to 2.5 squares wide.
  • White stripes divide lanes traveling in the same direction.
  • Yellow lines divide lanes traveling in opposite directions
  • Parking stalls should be 2 squares wide and 4 squares long for “typical” vehicles.

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