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AoA Mountains and Hills (non-commercial)


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Mountains, volcanoes and hills for Wonderdraft (non-commercial use)


Creator:  AoA Store


**Update to V1.2**
(Assets enhanced and split in to separate packs for custom colors, sample color and volcanoes)

This is the non-commercial use (personal use only) full AoA set of mountains, volcanoes and hills.

You can download the sample set on this website for free to try out the style prior to purchasing, or if cash is tight they are perfectly serviceable on their own, if a bit limited in scope and variety.

Please make sure you read and understand the license information. If you purchase these assets please ensure you download the license file and retain proof of purchase.

A commercial license version of this asset is available. This can be found here.

Assets are provided in both custom colors and sample color versions (except volcano smoke and lave, which are normal). Please view the image library to see the contents of the asset pack (over 400 assets in total) and examples of it in use.

Whilst these Assets are stored as png files in a folder structure suitable for use in Wonderdraft they would also be perfectly usable in most other graphics software.

To install these assets unzip the “AoA_MountainsAndHills” folder that is inside the zip file and place it directly in to your Wonderdraft assets folder.

License information


Please read and make sure you understand the below license information before purchasing this asset pack.


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Mythkeeper compatible


  1. sarhodes87 (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning assets, really takes full advantage of the customisability of Wonderdraft and my maps are so much better looking and more realistic as a result.

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