Colorable Furniture and Stairs


Modular stairs and bed, some assorted generic furniture
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I made these for the sci-fi pack but they can really be used anywhere, so they get their own pack. Enjoy the freebie!

Includes 66 assets, all of them colorable. Most of those are probably blankets and pillows, those are just too much fun to draw.


  • Modular Beds: Bedframes, mattresses, blankets and pillows
  • Colorable, snappable stairs
  • Some generic furniture, including broken tables

If you like these assets consider supporting me on my Gnome Factory patreon!


  1. petbud (verified owner)

    Thank you for these amazing assets!

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You may use my assets for all non-commercial purposes, no attribution required. So share your maps on reddit all you like! I only ask that you don't redistribute the assets themselves without my consent. Commercial use encompasses anything that helps you earn money, either by selling products or by promoting money-making ventures. Commercial licenses can be aquired on my patreon.

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