Antediluvian Architecture


A collection of assets based on Amaurot from Final Fantasy XIV


This collection features 64 objects (31 colorable), 8 paths, 6 patterns (excl. rotational variants), 3 doors, and a new wall type.

The style of these assets are based on Amaurot, from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. This particular setting features a distinct art deco style mixed with unique fantasy elements.

The assets are intended to match the default style of Dungeondraft, to the best of my laptop trackpad artistic ability.

Thanks to the Dungeondraft subreddit and Discord communities for encouraging me to complete this pack. Special thanks to the user EightBitz from the Megasploot Discord for helping me troubleshoot initial problems with the asset bundle.

I do not claim have any relation with Square Enix or any of its subsidiaries, nor do I claim ownership of any of their properties.

[ATTACH type=”full”]2103[/ATTACH]
A sample of the objects included in this pack.

[ATTACH type=”full”]2104[/ATTACH]
A sample of the floor patterns and walls included in this pack.

[ATTACH type=”full”]2105[/ATTACH]
A sample of the paths included in this pack.


  1. hermyn (verified owner)

    The path are so helpfull!
    Thanks a lot

  2. Olooriel (verified owner)

    Great job matching the native style of DD! A lot of this also makes great elven architecture! <3

  3. Harry (verified owner)

  4. Shadowblight (verified owner)

    This is a very well done pack! The floors are especially impressive; I absolutely love the patterns and while they have got quite a lot of detail, they aren’t “noisy”, which is incredible~ I got serious Amarout feels just poking around with these, lol. <3

    My only request to possibly make it better is to have the objects gathered either under a tag or a set with just these items, so I don't have to hunt, pick, and guess where all these beauties are categorized under just the default categories. 😉

  5. zarrok (verified owner)

  6. Kathoni (verified owner)

    As a longtime fan of FFXIV I am stunned by the quality of this set. There are so many things that you can do with it, whether trying to actually emulate Amaurot or not. Oh, and especially that stunning Aetheryte, truly top notch!

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