MilbysMaps Token Collection 1


Over 300 MilbysMaps Tokens!


All art done by Matt Milby (u/MattMilby on reddit). I simply packaged it for dungeondraft. Posted with permission.

Objects included:

    [*]Allosaurus with rider (2x)
    [*]Ant swarm
    [*]Archer (3x)
    [*]Bear (4x)
    [*]Beetle (3x)
    [*]Berg the Woodsman
    [*]Black pudding
    [*]Brain golem
    [*]Centaur mummy
    [*]Century pelican airship
    [*]Child (4x)
    [*]Corpse (4x)
    [*]Deinonychus with rider (3x)
    [*]Dog (2x)
    [*]Druid (4x)
    [*]Dwarf Civilian (2x)
    [*]Eel (2x)
    [*]Fighter (4x)
    [*]Galeb Duhr
    [*]Galley (3x)
    [*]Gas spore
    [*]Gelatinous stalker
    [*]Ghost (3x)
    [*]Giant badger
    [*]Gibbering mouther
    [*]Gith (9x)
    [*]Gnome civilian (2x)
    [*]Goblin (4x)
    [*]Gray ooze
    [*]Helmed horror
    [*]Hermit crab (2x)
    [*]Hill giant (2x)
    [*]Horse (8x)
    [*]Ice Troll
    [*]Intellect Devourer
    [*]Jungle dwarf (3x)
    [*]Kobold (2x)
    [*]Mage (4x)
    [*]Man (7x)
    [*]Mind flayer (5x)
    [*]Monk (10x)
    [*]Mountain Lion
    [*]Myconid (3x)
    [*]Necromancer (3x)
    [*]Ochre jelly
    [*]Paladin (4x)
    [*]Pseudodragon (3x)
    [*]Ranger (4x)
    [*]Rogue (5x)
    [*]Rowboat (4x)
    [*]Sabre-toothed tiger
    [*]Sailor (4x)
    [*]Scout (4x)
    [*]Ship (7x)
    [*]Skeleton (2x)
    [*]Sleeping person (4x)
    [*]Sleigh with horse
    [*]Snake (3x)
    [*]Soldier (6x)
    [*]Soldier-Bandit (6x)
    [*]Spider (3x)
    [*]Stirge flock
    [*]Stone giant librarian
    [*]Stone golem (2x)
    [*]Templates for AoE effects (15x)
    [*]Tough guy
    [*]Tribal commoner
    [*]Tribal priest
    [*]Tribal warrior (3x)
    [*]Vampire spawn
    [*]Vampiric mist
    [*]Voor chrysalis
    [*]Voor larva
    [*]Wagon with horse
    [*]Warrior (7x)
    [*]Water weird
    [*]Wizard (7x)
    [*]Woman (3x)
    [*]World Map Markers (12x)

Paths included:

    [*]Ant path (2x)


  1. not_your_coach (verified owner)

    nice selection or individuals and effects. thank you.

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