MilbysMaps Token Collection 1

Over 300 MilbysMaps Tokens!


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All art done by Matt Milby (u/MattMilby on reddit). I simply packaged it for dungeondraft. Posted with permission.

Objects included:
[*]Allosaurus with rider (2x)
[*]Ant swarm
[*]Archer (3x)
[*]Bear (4x)
[*]Beetle (3x)
[*]Berg the Woodsman
[*]Black pudding
[*]Brain golem
[*]Centaur mummy
[*]Century pelican airship
[*]Child (4x)
[*]Corpse (4x)
[*]Deinonychus with rider (3x)
[*]Dog (2x)
[*]Druid (4x)
[*]Dwarf Civilian (2x)
[*]Eel (2x)
[*]Fighter (4x)
[*]Galeb Duhr
[*]Galley (3x)
[*]Gas spore
[*]Gelatinous stalker
[*]Ghost (3x)
[*]Giant badger
[*]Gibbering mouther
[*]Gith (9x)
[*]Gnome civilian (2x)
[*]Goblin (4x)
[*]Gray ooze
[*]Helmed horror
[*]Hermit crab (2x)
[*]Hill giant (2x)
[*]Horse (8x)
[*]Ice Troll
[*]Intellect Devourer
[*]Jungle dwarf (3x)
[*]Kobold (2x)
[*]Mage (4x)
[*]Man (7x)
[*]Mind flayer (5x)
[*]Monk (10x)
[*]Mountain Lion
[*]Myconid (3x)
[*]Necromancer (3x)
[*]Ochre jelly
[*]Paladin (4x)
[*]Pseudodragon (3x)
[*]Ranger (4x)
[*]Rogue (5x)
[*]Rowboat (4x)
[*]Sabre-toothed tiger
[*]Sailor (4x)
[*]Scout (4x)
[*]Ship (7x)
[*]Skeleton (2x)
[*]Sleeping person (4x)
[*]Sleigh with horse
[*]Snake (3x)
[*]Soldier (6x)
[*]Soldier-Bandit (6x)
[*]Spider (3x)
[*]Stirge flock
[*]Stone giant librarian
[*]Stone golem (2x)
[*]Templates for AoE effects (15x)
[*]Tough guy
[*]Tribal commoner
[*]Tribal priest
[*]Tribal warrior (3x)
[*]Vampire spawn
[*]Vampiric mist
[*]Voor chrysalis
[*]Voor larva
[*]Wagon with horse
[*]Warrior (7x)
[*]Water weird
[*]Wizard (7x)
[*]Woman (3x)
[*]World Map Markers (12x)

Paths included:
[*]Ant path (2x)

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  1. not_your_coach (verified owner)

    nice selection or individuals and effects. thank you.

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