Benthic Botany


A collection of objects and paths for your undersea adventures.


This collection features 173 objects (136 colorable) and 21 new paths (3 path styles with color variations).

The style of these assets are based on a variety of reference photos I found while googling, along with a few assets inspired by aquatic-themed settings in media.

The assets are intended to match the default style of Dungeondraft, to the best of my laptop trackpad artistic ability.

Thanks to everyone who supported my first asset pack and motivated me to continue making more.

[ATTACH type=”full”]2377[/ATTACH]
A sample of the objects within the new “Coral” tag.

[ATTACH type=”full”]2379[/ATTACH]
A sample of the objects within the new “Underwater” tag.

[ATTACH type=”full”]2378[/ATTACH]
A sample of other objects with the existing “Plant”, “Treasure”, “Clutter”, and “Structure” tags.

[ATTACH type=”full”]2380[/ATTACH]
A sample of the new Paths in this asset pack (apologies for the cursor that appeared in the screenshot).


  1. Trahenirdet (verified owner)

  2. RiftTides (verified owner)

  3. rynstone (verified owner)

  4. Germophile (verified owner)

    Phenomenal asset pack. Matches the dungeondraft style really well and is absolutely perfect for my campaign, considering my players decided to yeet themselves into the ocean before I was ready for them to do so haha

  5. petbud (verified owner)

    These are so beautiful – I can’t wait to use them!

  6. Kathoni (verified owner)

    This asset pack is beautiful and so easy to use. I didn’t even know I needed this until I stumbled upon it, but now my adventurers are definitely going to be going to a Sahuagin reef fortress!

  7. Poetril

    Absolutely incredible asset pack. Matches the DungeonDraft default assets perfectly. Would highly recommend this to any DM looking to create an underwater map.

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