Rog’s Desert Map Assets


Top down assets for a desert map in the style of 2min tabletop


This set contains a series of assets for a desert map in the style of 2min tabletop’s assets.
It contains:
16 houses
4 Wall sections
17 plants of 4 different types.
4 big Temples/pyramids/palaces
9 bones
5 statues
[ATTACH type=”full”]1699[/ATTACH]
Some of the bones and statues are almost exactly the same as 2MT’s work as this was an exercise in trying ape a much better artists style. If anyone takes offense Im happy to take them out.

Here is an example of what you can make with this pack[ATTACH type=”full”]1700[/ATTACH]


  1. Sixer (verified owner)

    Good detail at small scale, and a good variety of buildings. Recommend to look into if building a top-down map. Could use a bridge.

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