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horizontal, unraveled scroll in three lengths and various types.

Creator:  JChunick

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There are three different lengths of scroll. Each one consists of these four types:
[*]The normal scroll with parchment background texture.
[*]The normal scroll with parchment background texture and drop shadow.
[*]The scroll with a white background and draw_mode set to “sample_color”.
[*]The scroll with a red outline and parchment background texture and draw_mode set to “custom_colors”.
You can set various custom colours using the scrolls labelled with (custom) in their symbol name.

The scroll was adapted from the below public domain image that had been uploaded by the British Library to Flickr.
[ATTACH alt=”631″]631[/ATTACH]
[SIZE=1]The image was taken from page 82 of “Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads … By Payne Jennings. With letterpress description by Ernest R. Suffling. (Second edition.)” Date of Publication: 1892.[/SIZE]

Here is a sample of the various sizes and types:
[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”630″]630[/ATTACH]

As always, these are free to use for personal use only. Please PM me if you would like to use them for commercial purposes and I can set you up with a license for a fee.

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CC-BY-NC 4.0
Josh Chunick

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    Love! Very useful for titles and the like.

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