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Don’t let the pressure of on-the-fly NPC creation dampen your storytelling prowess. With “Common folks” you’ll always be prepared to breathe life into the common folk of your world. Download your PDF today and elevate your Game Mastering experience to new heights!
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Say goodbye to the struggle of spontaneously generating names, races, and genders for NPCs. “Common folks” provides you with a diverse array of 20 common folk, each complete with a name, race, gender, and background. Simply pick the one that fits into your narrative.

 Each NPC comes with built-in plot hooks that seamlessly tie into your campaign. Whether you need a quick side quest or a potential ally for your players, these hooks are designed to effortlessly integrate into your narrative, ensuring a dynamic and engaging storyline.

While the file provides detailed NPCs out of the box, feel free to customize names, races, and genders based on your campaign’s unique needs. “Common folks” is a flexible resource that empowers you to tailor the content to your specific world and storytelling style.


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