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No more placing premade forests! :))
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Inspired from Aquarel Style, we added dots to that technique we developed and applied it to Dotty Style. With this method you can make custom forests that look hand drawn. No more placing premade forests! :))

We hope you like it and happy mappings!

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  1. Arget

    The item is set as a “tree”, which means that which shape comes out is completely random.
    If manually installed as a regular symbol, you get to choose the shape, but the symbol is non-colorable, so all of them are pure white.
    Very disappointing because this has a LOT of potential.

  2. rick.harris0424

    Love this pack so far and really enjoying updating my world map with it. Love the options with this and it makes creating an entire forest SO much easier. It is set as a ‘tree’ so the shape you get is random, but i just keep clicking the icon until I get a shape that works for me, and it’s completely colorable to match with whatever trees I’m using as my base. Great Set!!!

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