Aquarel Cartography Starter Bundle

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200+ assets to make Aquarel style maps
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Introducing the Aquarel Cartography!

Dear Fantasy Map Enthusiasts,

First and foremost, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to this incredible community for your unwavering support of our Dotty and Oldschool collections. Your enthusiasm and feedback have been invaluable in shaping our journey.

With the Aquarel Cartography Starter Bundle (200+ assets), we’re taking our experience from those two collections to a whole new level. This bundle promises to be a truly unique creation, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

What sets this collection apart? Well, in this bundle, we’re pioneering a groundbreaking approach to forest assets. You’ll be able to craft lush, seamlessly integrated forests that maintain the charm of hand-drawn artistry while offering complete customizability. Gone are the days of relying on pre-made forest chunks; now you have the power to create your own!

We’re excited about the journey ahead and look forward to your continued support. The more support we receive, the faster we can bring you even more amazing packs that elevate your worldbuilding and mapmaking endeavors.

Thank you once again for being the driving force behind our creative innovations. Together, we’re charting new territories in the world of fantasy cartography.

Warm regards,

Mursit Ozoglu

Note: The Trees have both custom and sample colorable versions. The compass and the icons are custom colorable. 

Our discord for feedback and worldbuilding chats:

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