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Create sprawling urban environments for your city-based campaigns.
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Inspired by the likes of Mordheim, this pack allows you to create sprawling urban environments for your city-based fantasy campaigns, with assets for both interior and exterior maps. Make your buildings in various states; from the pristine luxury of a monarch’s palace to the lowly dregs of a beggar’s hovel…

…Or throw down a comet; reduce the place to rubble and litter it with strange, glowing stones.

The versatility of this pack allows for other constructed locations too, such as castles, crypts, towers, sewers and dungeons. It is also compatible with my other asset packs, like Underground Caverns and Starship Tiles.

Important: Requires Dungeondraft v1.1.0.4 (Ballistic Phoenix) or newer. The pack will not appear in your list of assets if you are using an older version of the software. Please note that due to limits on file size on Cartography Assets, I’ve had to separate the pack into two separate files (objects only, and then the rest in another).

See a video of the pack in use here:

Inside the pack:

  • 28 Tilesets (Floors)
    • 11 “Simple”, 10 “Smart”, and 7 “Smart Double”. 
    • Each includes light stone cobble, dark stone cobble, flagstone tiles, broken flagstones tiles, wooden planks, damaged wooden planks, and decrepit wooden planks (all wooden plank floors have horizontal and vertical versions for variety)
  • 2 Walls
    • Grey bricks that can be coloured
    • Plastered interior walls
  • 3 Portals
    • 1 Wooden door
    • 2 Stone windows (with and without glass)
    • 2 Urban windows (with and without glass)
  • 13 Terrain sets
    • Light and dark stone cobble with a subtle grid
    • Light and dark stone cobble that is seamless without a grid
    • Flagstone tiles
    • Wooden planks (normal, damaged and decrepit)
    • Grass
    • Water
  • 3 Roofs
    • Terracotta (dirty)
    • Terracotta (ruined)
    • Wooden plank
  • 1 Grass Material
  • 4 patterns
    • 2 Cobble floors (dark and light)
    • 2 Water (solid and semi-transparent)
    • Carpet (available in red, green, blue, orange, purple and colourable)
  • 16 Paths
    • Ramshackle wooden bridges
    • Bookshelves
    • Wooden Fence
    • River (large and small)
    • Sewer (large and small)
    • Road
    • Steps (vertical and horizontal, wooden and stone)
    • Brick walls (grey and brownish)
    • Black gradient (for adding a shadows)
  • 288 Objects:
    • 4 doors (wood, metal, bronze, and metal cage)
    • 2 trapdoors
    • 2 ladders (1 metal, 1 wooden)
    • 4 single beds, 4 double beds
    • 4 chairs
    • 4 stools
    • 6 tables (2 rectangular, 2 long rectangular, and 2 circular)
    • 4 drinking mug groups
    • 2 dinner plates (1 metal, 1 wooden)
    • 1 bookshelf (with 2 additional ‘end’ objects to neatly finish the bookshelf path)
    • 2 fireplaces (each with ‘lit’ and ‘unlit’ states)
    • 6 lanterns
    • 16 candle groups
    • 32 loose piles of paper (16 of which are partially burned)
    • 8 boxes/crates of various sizes
    • 2 stone columns
    • 2 brick column tiles for use ending the brick wall paths
    • 3 carpet tiles (corner, inside corner, and edge) to be placed alongside the carpet floor pattern. Each is available as blue, red, green, orange, purple, and colourable, making 18 total tiles.
    • 2 tree trunks with 6 separate canopies, with 1 stone base for them to grow from
    • 16 magical crystal groups, each available in green, blue, orange, purple and red (80 objects in total)
    • 11 rubble piles
    • 18 wooden plank debris
    • 4 explosion blast marks
    • 3 sewer manholes (1 open, 2 closed) and an additional lid
    • 12 river tiles, to assist with making junctions, corners, entries, ends, and crossings when using the river paths
    • 6 road tiles, to assist with making junctions, corners, entries, ends and crossings when using the road path
    • 12 sewer tiles, to assist with making junctions, corners, entries, ends, and crossings when using the sewer paths
    • 5 stair tiles (2 going up and 2 going down for wooden and metal stairs, with a single step tile without perspective)

Permission granted for personal, non-commercial use only.

Commercial licenses available for purchase upon request. Please contact me via my website for details:


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