Homebrew Starter Kit: 40 Battlemaps + Short Stories


40 Ready to play Battlemaps covering a huge variety of themes, Descriptions and Short stories to spark you’r homebrew campaign.
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We created 40 Battlemaps with fitting short stories to inspire you’r campaign. The Maps cover a huge variety of biomes, from mountains to forests and deserts, to dungeons and lighthouses. For each Map there is a short stories describing the map and sparking your imagination. Each map comes with a day and night variant, grid and gridless. Some maps even include different variants to maximize utility.  

These maps and stories come with a ready-to-play FoundryVTT compendium. 

We hope you enjoy our first project. 🙂

The purchase give’s you access to the Google Drive Link with all the content. If you encounter any errors please contact us. Thank you.


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