PeaPu’s Sci-Fi Tokens #1 – Aliens R...


Our Full Sci-Fi Tokens Pack #1 – Aliens (135 tokens)
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This full pack contains 46 unique tokens and 135 color variations all together. 

The tokens feature different types of aliens.
Eggs: Self-explanatory – eggs from which aliens hatch and their nests.
Larvae: Worm-like aliens
Grabbers: Aliens reminiscent of Facehuggers
Cephalus: Aliens reminiscent of Xenomorphs with their phallic heads.
Vorax: Aliens with a splitting mouth somewhat similar to the Predator
Animalis: Aliens with dinosaur or animal features
Aquarius: A smoother type of alien with aquatic features. 

Downloads: (3)
1. A .dungeondraft_pack file to use in Dungeondraft. 
2. A .zip with PNGs
3. A .zip with WebPs. 

The free pack contains 15 unique tokens and variations included has 45 tokens all together. Check it out here.

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If  you have any questions feel free to reach out, we’re always active on the Cartography Assets discord and most receptive to any inquiries!


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2023/03/11 - Silly mistakes + naming [Breaking]
- Changed the dungeondraft pack name to remove the unnecessary "Full"
- Added Aliens to the DD pack title, it looked good on the showcase, I kinda like it as part of the pack names, makes it easier to find with a subtheme.

2023/03/13 - More Silly Mistakes [Breaking]
- Added the 1x1 suffix to the Larvae Tokens
- Changed the number position for the Aliens
e.g. Alien_01_Cephalus.... -> Alien_Cephalus_01 This should help with organization


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