AR’s Stylised Bridges Pack 1 (and a small Fe...


Brandywine Bridge may be 20 miles away, but you can cross the river right here!


A small pack of stylised Bridges built to fit in with the other stylised assets I have created. Each comes both with and without a shadow (all my shadows are designed to be from the same angle, so if you use my other assets they should be (somewhat) consistent)

I will be making some more bridges later on and will release them as package 2.

If you get some use out of them please leave me some stars and tag me with your finished masterpiece on Reddit.

If you need to make a bridge smaller/larger than Wonderdraft will let you then you can always tak the png into a program like paint, and scale it up/down and then reimport back into your assets folder.

These assets are based off 3d models constructed both by myself and from various (paid for) asset packs designed for people to use when making their own 3d games. I customise the base assets, (usually like a 3d jigsaw puzzle) , add/adjust textures, work out the isometric angles, then take the images to photoshop where I upscale, repaint and stylise them to make them fit my style. and (hopefully) make them suitable for use on a map.


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