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This map pack contains my interpretation of Colchester Castle, a medieval castle that sits in Colchester, UK. It contains 10 variations for each floor and each one is size 41×51, with a resolution of 140ppi. All files are provided in JPEG format (total of 20 JPEG files).
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Colchester Castle was built in the late 11th century and formed from the rubble of what was once the capital city of England over 2000 years ago. A Roman temple once stood in its place, some of its stone laid the foundations for the castle. 

One of the things I like about this castle is that it resembles your average stone rectangular keep but with a few quirks. For example, a semi-circular arc sticks out of one of the corners to make way for the prison on the first floor and the chapel on the second floor. Furthermore, the castle was built in a ditch, and no one knows why. However, much of the curvature remains throughout modern Colchester.

Since then, the castle has passed through many hands. The interior was removed, and stone was used to build houses in the surrounding parts of Colchester. Restoration work has been done throughout the 18th century and into the modern era, but it quite literally is a shell of its former self. While people have made educated guesses about where certain rooms might have been, we cannot be certain, so some of this map is my interpretation of the castle. However, the chapel, prison, great hall, and solar are in accurate positions to my knowledge.


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