Post-Apocalypse City 01 Wasteland Ruins


557 post-apocalypse city assets! Compatible with both Inkarnate and Dungeondraft!
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All the unique assets should be visible on the asset showcase (not all colorable versions are visible)
This full pack contains 557 assets:
– 555 objects (including color variations)
– 2 paths

Creator’s Commentary: 
This pack is now available on CA! Technical limitations no more!
 It is recommended to use this in conjunction with other art packs for textures and the like.  
The city style is a style we’re continuously working on. The 1st was our Modern City, the 2nd Cyberpunk City, 3rd was Post-Apocalypse, 4th Sci-Fi, and a 5th one is now in early access. The style went through a rework at twice. Once during the Post-Apocalypse pack and another is happening now with the 5th pack. Currently the only pack that stands out very much is the Cyberpunk City pack, which still retains very thick line art. So be informed. In the future, I hope to remake all the packs in one super consistent style.

A .dungeondraft_pack file to use in Dungeondraft. (Scale: 256px per 1:1 grid unit; 256px = 20ft) 
A .zip folder containing PNGs to use wherever  (Scale: 256px per 1:1 grid unit; 256px = 20ft)
PNG assets are made compatible with Inkarnate (All assets smaller than 4096px, and smaller than 8MBs)

The free pack contains about 72 assets. Check it out here.

More PeaPu:
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If you wish to use the items commercially, you have to be subscribed to our Patreon at the Tiers which allow for commercial usage.
Please read the terms for more information

If  you have any questions or the like, feel free to reach out, we’re always active on the Cartography Assets Discord
Or, send us a, “Private Message” via the CA messaging system. 


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License Information
License Type Other
Posted by original creator Yes
License Notes

Our license is a little unique and to avoid confusion I would recommend you read it here on our Patreon Page. 

Personal use only.
You may use it commercially if you are subscribed to our Patreon at the tiers which allow commercial usage (e.g. Boopnessman Tier).

Map Information
Assets used in Map

PeaPu Assets! 

Inkarnate pro assets for the showcased map. 

Map Size

Map Theme
Map Style
Content Information
Software Information
Verified to Work With Dungeondraft, Inkarnate
Mythkeeper Compatible

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How to Install

The .dungeondraft_pack files are a format that is packed specifically to be used with the Dungeondraft software.
If you unpack the pack using specialized software, the images will be in the .WebP format.
How to install for Dungeondraft:
1. Download the .dungeondraft_pack file 
2. Create a folder where you store all your dugeondraft packs like this one. 
3. Place the downloaded file into the folder. 
4. Open Dungeondraft
5. In the top menu, click the "assets' button. 
6. A Custom Assets window will pop open. There, click on "browse" to select your folder from step [2 and 3] 
7. A list of assets that you've downloaded should appear in the menu. 
8. Select your desired asset and press accept. 
9. When creating a new map, double-check that your selected assets have been chosen via the "edit asset pack selection" menu. 
10. Enjoy creating your map with dope assets!

The .zip file contains PNGs, these are lossless images that can be imported into almost any software, be it photoshop, GIMP, Inkarnate, Roll20 or whatever. 
The installation method is specific to whatever software you wish to use them with.