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CyberTroll’s Towns, Villages, Hamlets and Crofts

CyberTroll’s Wonderdraft Towns, Villages, Hamlets and Crofts Pack.


This pack has been a long time in development.

The pack consists of:

  • 5 “Grand” houses
  • 3 Standard style cottages
  • 3 Crofters style cottages
  • A barn
  • Blacksmiths
  • Church
  • Lighthouse with light on and off (normal colour only)
  • Tavern
  • Water mill
  • Windmill
  • Bonus objects:
    • Barrel
    • Torture cage
    • Cart (both empty and loaded)
    • Cart wheel (isomatric and front views only)
    • Gallows
    • Jug (isomatric and front views only)
    • Notice board 
    • 3 Pots (isometric and front views only)
    • Water Pump
    • Well 
    • Torture Wheel

All available in:

  • Isometric – 3D view
  • Front – 2D view
  • Side* – 2D view

*Except for the exceptions listed above.

All are available as:

  • Normal Colour – their colouring is predefined and never changes.
  • Sample Colour** – their colouring adapts depending on the colour of the terrain  they are placed on.
  • Custom Colour** – their colouring can be user defined.

**Except for the single exception listed above.

In all 273 highly detailed assets.

More information

The item has been verified to work with Wonderdraft.

Extra information

All original custom made assets.

Can be used on variable sized maps.

License information

This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NR license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

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