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Rugged Mountain Pass Map (v1.2)

Bad creatures have taken over this pass


Merchants are reporting that trade through the pass is being threatened by unfriendly creatures.  The pass has always been a problem, having lots of caves that are attractive to goblins, and far more loathsome creatures.  The region desperately needs a stalwart party of adventurers to sweep it clean and help restore the local economy.

This map has a variety of uses.  It can be a simple regional map or used as a hex crawl with a party marker token.  Depending on the capabilities of your VTT, the full-size map could have individual tokens running about.  Combine it with large scale encounter maps and you’ll be able to keep a party of adventurers busy for weeks.  Gridless.

Pack includes three files:  1) Full color WEBP 4800 x 3000 pixels; 2) Full color JPG 2100 x 1330 pixels (for Roll20); 3) Sepia-toned JPG 2100 x 1330 pixels.

Happy exploring! 

Map samples:

Rugged Mountain Pass Map Sample

Rugged Mountain Pass Sepia Map Sample

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Not specifically tailored for any software

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Anzhc terrain assets, trees and scrub from my Topo Tree Pack.

webp - 4800 x 3000 pixels

jpg - 2100 x 1330 pixels

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NC-NS license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

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Personal use only.


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V1.1 - added sepia-toned map.

V1.2 - enhanced maps.

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