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Note: the base personal use pack including assets, and a commercial licence add-on, are both available to add to your cart on this product’s page.  See “Choose a product type” to the right of the pack cover art.

The Topo (topographic) Tree Pack for Wonderdraft and Dungeondraft is for adding trees to top-down world and regional maps.

Assets include conifer and deciduous trees, scrubs and grass specks (which can also be used for marshlands and general grunge).  The trees cast shadows for added realism.

The Wonderdraft assets include a mix of tree colors and shades, as well as custom color and sample color options (e.g., useful for autumn or Feywild colors, or snow).  Three tree shadow angles are available to choose from – classic southeast, as well as southwest and south.

The Dungeondraft pack file contains colored and colorable trees and scrub, as well as the grass specks.  Only the trees with southeast shadows are needed in the pack file because Dungeondraft allows you to set a Scatter tool rotation angle.  

Please read my Licence AgreementThis pack is licensed for personal use, unless you have also purchased the commercial licence available on this product page.

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Idri Stormlands map, made in Wonderdraft, featuring mixed trees from this pack, as well as assets by Anzhc (terrain), Feed the Multiverse (frame, parchment, compass), and JChunick (Rough Seas water).

Idri Stormlands Map by Epsilon7430

North Reaches map, made in Wonderdraft, featuring sample-color conifer trees from this pack, as assets by Anzhc (terrain) and JChunick (Rough Seas theme). 

North Reaches Map by Epsilon7430


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V1.5 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.

V1.4 - added pack file for use in Dungeondraft.

V1.3 - clarity improvements to tree images, especially for standard resolution map exports.

V1.2 - updated LICENCE.TXT to a Licence Agreement that states terms for Personal Use and Commercial Use of pack content.

V1.1 - added new assets supporting alternative shadow angles (southwest and south, in addition to original southeast).


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