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Topo Trees Pack (v1.1)

Woods for rocks


The Topo (topographic) Tree Pack is designed for top-down world and regional maps, and is ready for use in Wonderdraft.  The pack includes conifer and deciduous trees in a mix of colors and shades, as well as custom color and sample color options (e.g., useful for autumn or Feywild colors, or snow).  The trees cast shadows for added character, including 3 shadow angles (classic southeast, as well as southwest and south).  The pack is rounded out with some scrub and grasses (can be used for marshlands). 

Personal use only (CAL-NA-NC-NS).

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Idri Stormlands map featuring mixed trees from this pack, as well as assets by Anzhc (terrain), Feed the Multiverse (frame, parchment, compass), and JChunick (Rough Seas water).  Sadly, I could not successfully upload the 2X upscaled version of this map (exceeds image size limits).

Idri Stormlands Map by Epsilon7430

North Reaches map featuring sample-color conifer trees from this pack, as assets by Anzhc (terrain) and JChunick (Rough Seas theme). 

North Reaches Map by Epsilon7430

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V1.1 - added new assets supporting alternative shadow angles (southwest and south, in addition to original southeast).

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